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    Young Sex - Stories

    School games
    Dick was sitting near by the window and looked through it. There were so nice clouds. “How cool to be a bird,” thought the boy, “maybe, the feeling of flight can give a real pleasure to these stupid animals”. But his thoughts were broken by scream of his young teacher, Miss Smith, “Dick Nilsson, I understand that now you are not with us. But be so kind to listen to everything I tell because tomorrow you will have a test in this subject. And I’m sure you will have many questions.” “Yes, maam. I listened to you carefully,” murmured Dick but clouds were so amazing and it was very interesting to observe their movements. The lesson was ended by a bell ring. All twenty four children tried to go out as quickly as possible. Dick also was not an exception but he hadn’t luck at that time. “Please, stop and stay in class,” said his teacher, “I want to speak to you.” With a very deep breath Dick Nilsson turned back and sat down into the chair. Miss Smith looked at him attentively. “What happened, Dick? Are you ill? May I help you in solving your problem?” she seemed to be so kind. “No, I think you can’t,” whispered the boy. He looked so disappointed and unhappy. “No, Dick. If I want to help you I should know exactly what happened. Tell me and we will see if it’s possible to do something with it”, insisted Miss Smith.

    “Well, you see… It’s so personal. And maybe you shouldn’t know about my problems. It doesn’t matter for anybody, only for me”. “No, I don’t think so. Start telling, I am listening to you carefully”, the woman was looking into his eyes with sympathy expecting his story.

    “You see, she doesn’t want. No, no. She wants but she is afraid of it.” “Who and what is afraid of? What are you talking about?” “She. My girlfriend, Nelly. When we stay alone we want it but this her fear.” “Dick. Tell me exactly what she is afraid of,” demanded the teacher. “OK. She wants me but when she sees it. Well, eh, you understand what,” with a hot red face continued Dick. “You want to say that she is afraid of your penis. Really? But why, you have some problems or what,” asked surprising Miss Smith. “Yes, I think so. She says I’m an invalid or monster. It is too big for her and she thinks that there is no place to get it into her,” the boy signed deeply.

    “And it’s your problem,” cried the woman. "Nonsense young man, I'm quite sure that you are a normal young man who is letting the ravings of an inexperienced young girl get the better of him," scolded Miss Smith!!!

    A poor boy wanted to argue but decided not to do it. “Ok. I can prove you that you are greatly mistaken in your fears,” offered the woman. “As an older woman I have on occasion had the opportunity to see the penises of many young men. I want you to stand up and show me your penis”. “What? But it’s impossible. You are…my teacher”, cried Dick. His face became as red as a tomato, he tried to protest but Miss Smith quickly cut him off and ordered him to stand up. Looking at the floor he started to pull down his trousers.

    “Dick, let’s see it quickly and you will go home. I’m also too busy to wait for a long time when you screw yourself up and show me your penis.” Dick with a hard tug jerked his trousers down by the elastic waist band. Her eyes opened so wide that Dick understood his girlfriend was right. “Oh, my God!” only one thing she could say. A penis of this size she had never seen. She guessed that it was at least seven inches long, but it was not in erectile condition. She felt how swelled her nipples and how wet became her vagina. “You see! You also think so,” cried the boy, “I can see from the look on your face that she was right. I am freak!!!” “Oh, no. You are not right. You have no problems with your penis. It is so beautiful,” rejoined Miss Smith. “Yes, it is larger than others but I’m sure all women can appreciate its size - how to reduce male libido.”

    “No, you tell me such things only to calm and make me feel better. But you lie, I can see it,” continued crying Dick. “If you don’t believe me I can prove that you are wrong. Just see how wet is my vagina,” she said pulling down her pants. One look to her curly pubic hair was enough for Dick to feel how quickly stood erect his cock.

    ow there was no difference who was who. No teacher, no student. She only understood that she wanted to take this big thing into her mouth and then to sense it in her sopping pussy. “Let me touch it, Dick,” whispered Miss Smith. The boy saw his teacher began losing control. He cried very roughly, “Hey, you, cunt. Touch it quickly and suck as hard as you can.” These words were like a balm for her heart. She was waiting only for his offer. She slowly went down on her knees and took his penis head into her mouth. She started sucking, licking and kissing this large pecker. Dick felt himself being in the heaven. But suddenly the door was opened and he saw an old physics teacher who was looking at her college standing on knees with a big cock in her mouth. “Oh, damn, she will be the next,” thought Dick.

    It was so cold outside that she felt how her brain started freezing. She tried to warm herself with blowing to her hands and lifting up a collar of her thin coat. But it didn’t help. All her thoughts were turned to her so called home. “Such a damned place,” she thought. Judy was born in a little place in Oklahoma . When her father was alive it was better. She could do everything she wanted but now it was a real hell. Mother, always drunk and so-called father who thought that she was something like his sex-toy. Every night he came to her and without asking for permission did everything he wanted. Nothing helped. Her mother pretended that she didn’t hear her cries. She allowed him to fuck her daughter. It didn’t matter what she felt. But now at last she was free from him and her past life.

    Judy was standing on the road and waited something what exactly she didn’t know. There was no money in her pocket, she heard tummy-rumbling and thought that she didn’t eat for two days. Suddenly she saw a big black land-drover. It was moving slowly across the road. Judy thought, “How lucky should be a man in that car! To be rich, eat any time you want, isn’t it a real happiness?” The car came to her. It was so surprising for the girl that she jumped aside. The car stopped and the passenger side window went down. Judy saw an old man with a white beard and kind blue eyes. He asked, “Hello, dear. Do you need a lift? I may take you with me.” Her trembling voice whispered, “Yes. But where are you going?” The reply was New York .

    She slipped on the back seat. He asked her name and Judy decided not to lie. His name was Jack. But when he asked where she was from the girl didn’t want to answer, but at last said, “I’m from Oklahoma ,” and added with confidence, “and really don’t want to return there any more.” Looking at the running trees she was falling asleep. Gentle shake of her shoulder returned her to a real life. “Dear, get up. We have come already,” Jack looked at her face and tried to help her to get out. “Now, we are going to eat something in that nice bar. Do you agree?” asked the man. “No, thanks. I’m not hungry. Really. I can wait for you here,” replied she. “Poor girl. She is so hungry but refuses with such pride as a real queen. Let’s go and don’t be stupid, Ok!” Receiving her consent Jack took her hand and went to that little snack-bar.

    After eating they continued their trip. Miles were flashing so quickly that Jude didn’t notice how their common travel finished. Jack took out from his purse 25 dollars and held them out to her, “You remind me my daughter. She is also young. Take money. I’m sure it’s enough for dinner and staying at that motel. Be careful on your road and happy in your future life.” She thanked a lot leaving him a kiss on his cheek and got out.

    In the morning she decided to go on her interesting trip. But she had no luck in thumbing a ride that day. She strolled pensively along. Suddenly she saw two men standing near by their big bikes. They looked at her attentively. “Hey, you. Where are you going? We can lift you if you wish,” Judy turned and saw them asking her. She decided to do something because death in the road is a real feat but not for her. “Ok, guys. Where can you get me?” she asked. “Wherever you want. But you will pay, Ok!” offered one of these men. She agreed but thought what she would them, she had no money.

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